Javier Bordon's artwork of FU-539


In the Fall of 2016, I was looking for an artist to paint the Sweet Rose sabre. My intentions were to have artwork for my brothers for the holidays, and to keep the spirit of the Sweet Rose alive. I browsed many art pieces on DeviantArt website for an artist that can be dynamic and passionate about art. I usually would browse many artworks from this website throughout time, but knew no other or better place to start. I emailed a few artists, but the greatest response was from an artist named Javier Bordon. I continuously updated my computer with wall papers from the steps this artist made. I initially asked that whatever angle of the jet that Javier decided to work on, that I challenged the 'Sweet Rose', 'Wally Yocum' and the 'FU-539' would be visible and highlighted on the painting. It brings much joy to view the art most every day. Much thanks to Janiver! Artwork completed January 3, 2017.

Personal DeviantArt webpage: Janiver Bordon
Email: jbstargearstudio@gmail.com

"The painting it was done with Sakura japanese watercolors and condor natural hair brushes over Pentel graphit leads lines on 0.5 mechanical pencil. the paper support is some similar to Fabriano A4 but do not remind the mark in this moment. in the final render I applied some photoshop adjusts and retouchings using as fountain the same colors of the original painting but refocused anhancing contrast of areas, the original painting looks similar to the eye but due scaner tends to wash the color the photoshop adjust was unavoidable to keep the piece more similar to how it looks at the direct eye watching" - Javier Bordon (1.3.17)


Below are actual email messages and sketches/art shots from the artist himself. Its great to see his passion as he progressed on the steps of painting the Sweet Rose.

Initial sketches:

"Hello mr Eric sir, here 4 possible angles for the Sweet Rose illustration, the shape is not exactly, just sketchy forms, cause the main theme here is only the angles of camera not the shapes, I vote for the 1 and the 4, as more action-alike angles, but the 2 and 3 have maybe better full shape of Sabre portraying features. I´m working in some colors sketches to can show you between tonight and tomorrow. Really the Sabre is a beautiful stylized machine like sort of silver fish, so the sunset will fit as glove for the silver and smooth curves surfaces. I´m really honored an Eagle engineer who is also son of a chief of crew of technics behind such an amazing airplane is hiring me for this illustration. I was engineery student in my youth, dreaming with aircraft engineering someday, but finally decided work only as illustrator, so I know a little bit of how much passion, work and effort is inside a mechanical dessign and technical maintenance to keep a machine alive , I will try to do my best to bring this illustration the heart feelings it deserve from my artist side skills.
we have some MIG-15 here in the air museum of Krakow and to be close of those machines is a impressive experience.
really the highly focused concepts both of Sabre and MIG 15 are powerful samples of technical skills.
much respect sir, and I will wait your opinions to choose an angle for the painting, meanwhile I will make some color studies in order to we can arrive to the final render in the best way possible for visuals.
best and feel free to write me back, I will be working in the colors for the Sabre in sunset image.
cheers from Poland,"
Javier Bordon (11.11.16)

"hello Eric sir, here some color sketchs for the Sweet Rose,
I added a comparative 2 versions one for more easy checking.
tell me which you preffer to can develop final painting. I will make final version in detailed watercolors.
I add some samples (3) of my watercolor paintings because the way I paint in watercolors is very strong and solid color way compared with the commonly more washy blurred imagery people think when they hear the word "watercolor"
feel free to write me back to chose one of the two versions providedfor the final painting
Javier B (11.12.16)

"hallo mr Yocum, here the pencil basics for Sweetrose painting, sorry the multiple delays, had terrible days lately. well this pencils are made over similar Fabriano paper to support watercolors strikings, I will add sucessive layers of painting from basical aproach till detailed rendering, and the drawing will be sharpened across the painting till have defined features and sharp details.
as I´m more comic artist than technical drafstman it have some dinamic visual licenses as I shortened the angle of the wings exagerating the contrast of perspective of the nose, like a forced lens. a more technical "realistic" accurated way results in loose of dinamic senses and kills the vitality of the drawing, making appear the airplane as frozen like static maquette,not good for a flying painting. is comic artist trick, to exagerate perspective focuses like using fisheye lens, to win motion sense on the objects.
I really wanted to priorize this painting but due my electric suminister problems of the last week all my regular work was displaced and delayed so my schedules are a bit strainted. however I will try to focuse in this painting across the next days.
send you best regards sir and thank you for your patience. I will try to have some updates before the weekend, hope color strikes and general brushes aproachings.
kind regards,"
Javier Bordon (11.24.16)

"hello mr Yocum, I´m working in the first strike of colors right now, meanwhile here a bit more detailed pencil of the Sweet Rose :)
send you best regards and c u later with some color updates."
Javier B (11.30.16)

"nice to bring some joy with a drawing :) I started to love this airplane, the details and lines are like a swimming creature built by wise winged men, is so joyful to try catch the lines of the fusselage, they are strong but subtle curve shape forms, make my hand feel the wind and the flight. will try to have some color strokes in about some hours more :)
best regards mr. Yocum :)"
JB (11.30.16)

"mr Yocum, Eric my friend, here the birth of a painting, the starting of the Sweet Rose in the sunset :)
I will add more strokes of the basic red and blue and after that will go for the intense yellows before set the oranges, cause are the oranges which will sharp the forms of the plane and the clouds in the sunset.
best regards and c u in few hours more tomorrow, sir :)"
Javier (11.30.16)

"Hello Eric my friend, here the red settings for the sunset on painting. right now I´m working to set the yellows and oranges and make the fusselage reflects based on those contrast colors over the sunset itself.
best regards and see you later with more updates."
Javier (12.5.16)

"hallo Eric, sir, here a new update.
we are more closer now of the defined stage :)
I will be working all the day today in this painting and will try to have some updates for you tonight or as much late tomorrow.
best regards and c u later with the next stage :)"
Javier (12.12.16)

"Eric, sir, here a new update for the Sweet Rose .
sorry I was very busy yesterday so, was all the night with the painting, reduced some contrasts on the blues to can accentuate them in the last path of shading and made some details on the fusselage decals.
c u later maybe in evening with more updates, sir.
Javier Bordon (12.15.16)

'I will try to finish the painting inside this week and will be adjusting contrasts, light and shadows and details in the next hours, most I have to reduce the blues in clouds to melt them better with the reds and accentuate contrasts and shadows in general, plus sharp final details. however I think in this point it is very closer of the final results. hope you like it. feel free to write me back and wish you a Happy New year 2017 and a great year everyday.
Javier Bordon (1.2.17)