RF-86F s/n 51-13390


• Built at North American's Columbus, Ohio factory as F-86F-25-NH.

•Constructor's number 176-321, USAF Serial 51-13390.

•Delivered 3rd June 1953.

•Assigned to 479th FBW 3rd June 1953.

•To San Bernardino Air Materiel Area 27th August 1953 for work.

•To North American Fresno 12th February 1954 for work.

•To 322nd FDGp 16th October 1954 - assigned to 452nd FDS.

•To North American Fresno 2nd June 1955 for work.

•To Sacramento Air Materiel Area, McClellan AFB 27th July 1955 (preparation for overseas movement).

•To San Francisco port of embarkation 6th January 1956 - to Japan as deck cargo.

•Arrived 2723rd Air Depot Gp Kisarazu, Japan 16th February 1956.

•To Japan Air Self Defense Force 28th March 1956 and serialled 62-7421.

•Converted to RF-86F 1961/62 and reserialled 62-8421.

•Assigned to 501st Tac Recon Sqn, JASDF.

•Reserialled 62-6421.

• To HQ Squadron, JASDF.

•Withdrawn from use 1979.

•To US Naval Weapons Center, China Lake CA for spares reclamation, noted there 5th November 1983.

•To Air Classics Museum, Aurora Illinois for restoration.


Note: The photos shown here are reproduced by kind permission of Mark Nankivil. - Duncan



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