Surviving F-86 Sabres


Sabres Worldwide-USA Part II

This listing details all known extant F-86 Sabres and derivatives across the globe. However, the relatively mobile state of airworthy F-86/CL-13 aircraft in the United States precludes me from listing those machines here; unless of course, they have ceased flying for any meaningful period. Suffice to say, any additions or corrections would be welcome.



United States of America

New Mexico

Serial Type Location/Details
50-459 F-86D Clayton/Fort Jordan Museum
51-13028 F-86E Holloman AFB
53-1251 F-86H Cannon AFB Memorial Park, as '31404'

F-86H 53-1251 '31404' at Cannon AFB


N106JB/ c/n 1474 CL-13B-6 Santa Teresa Airport, War Eagles Air Museum, not flown

Sabre 6 N106JB at War Eagles Museum


???? FJ-2 Santa Teresa Airport, War Eagles Air Museum, as '132028/WT-9'

FJ-2 at War Eagles Museum

Note: The Sabres with New Mexico Tech at Socorro (previously known as New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology) were supposedly scrapped (at Holloman AFB?) circa 2008, but since a number of these 'scrapped' aircraft have already reappeared elsewhere (notably F-86Ls 51-6087, 6112, 53-1049, 4036 and 4040 at DMI in Tucson AZ, F-86L 52-4139 at Charlotte NC and the tail of F-86L 52-4154 at Ontario OR, plus F-86H 52-2057 at Ontario OR plus at least one other at DMI in Tucson), I am reluctant to remove these aircraft entirely from this list until more reliable information is received. Most, if not all originally came from MASDC (later AMARC, AMARG) at Davis Monthan AFB AZ. For information, the ‘missing’ aircraft are as follows:

F-86D, Blue Canyon Site:

F-86L, Runway Area:
51-2984, 51-2989 (‘FC108'), 51-5886 (ex-NE ANG), 51-6093, 51-6127 ('FC123'), 51-6133, 51-6140, 52-4112, 52-4154 (fwd fuselage, ex-CA ANG), 52-10095 ('FC102'), 52-10155 (ex-ID ANG), 53-633 (ex-GA ANG), 53-651 (ex-CA ANG), 53-682 (ex-CA ANG), 53-684, 53-693 (ex-TX ANG, 'FC145'), 53-816 (ex-IA ANG, ‘FC150'), 53-820 (ex-IA ANG), 53-830 (ex-CA ANG), 53-836 (ex-NE ANG, ‘FC153'), 53-880 (ex-TX ANG), 53-897, 53-8**, 53-935 (ex-CA ANG), 53-940 (ex-TX ANG, 'FC161'), 53-1011 (ex-TX ANG), 53-1048, 53-1065 ('FC203'), 53-4020 (ex-CA ANG, ‘FC254'), ???? (marked '7L-72').

F-86L, Blue Canyon Site:
51-3001 (ex-NE ANG), 51-5897, 51-6048, 51-6084, 53-623 (ex-IL ANG) 53-923, 53-1002 (ex-CA ANG, 'FC259'), 53-1043 (ex-GA ANG), 53-3688 (ex-TX ANG), 53-3692 (ex-NE ANG, tail only), 53-3704 (ex-ID ANG, tail only), 53-4083 (ex-ID ANG), 53-4086 (ex-KS ANG).

F-86L, Ball Park Area:
52-4111 (ex-IA ANG, 'FC127'), 53-597 ('FC137'), 53-1005 ('FC164'), 53-4038 (ex-GA ANG).

F-86H, Blue Canyon Site:
52-2017 (ex-MA ANG), 52-2046 (ex-MA ANG), 52-2069 (ex-MA ANG), 52-2079 (ex-MA ANG) 53-1249, 53-1277 (ex-PR ANG, 'FC308'), 53-1395, 53-1410 (ex-PR ANG), 53-1512 (ex-PR ANG), ???? ('52-5741'), ???? ('353' on bulkhead (53-1353?)), + 1 more.

F-86H, Unknown Location:

F-86H, Runway Site:

‘F-86’, Blue Canyon Site:
???? (centre section as 'FU-039').

New York

Serial Type Location/Details
48-200 F-86A Clay
51-2986 F-86D Islip
52-10052 F-86L Monroe/Waterloo, Airplane Park, off Route 17M, donated 22Aug63

F-86L 52-10052 just surviving in Airplane Park at Monroe, 2002. The aircraft is in the process of being prepared for restoration, 2007. (Richard)

53-1272 F-86H Harlem, 118th St and 5th Avenue
53-1306 F-86H Central Square American Legion Post 915, on SR 69 west of route 11, ex-Suffolk County AFB, (ex-New York, Central Square), donated 04Mar63, noted May96 as '53-0915' 

F-86H 53-1306 masquerading as '53-0915', Central Square Sept 2000 (Joe Wallace)

53-1337 F-86H Shortsville Legion Post 34, donated circa 1970 (this is the same aircraft reported at Manchester, NY)

F-86H 53-1337 at Shortsville in Sep06, during refurbishment (Jean Mallaber)

53-134* F-86H White Plains
53-1519 F-86H Syracuse ANG Base, on pole, camouflage
Bu 135868 FJ-3 New York, Intrepid Air, Sea and Space Museum, ex-Miller Airport, Ocean County, Lakehurst, NJ 'B-101'
Bu 143610 FJ-4B Buffalo, Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Serviceman's Park, donated 27Jul79, ex-Niagara Falls Airport

FJ-4B Bu 143610 now restored in its correct colour scheme. (Joe Wallace)

North Carolina

Serial Type Location/Details
50-600 F-86E Charlotte International Airport (on dump?), ex-Freedom Park, Charlotte
52-4139 F-86L Charlotte International, Carolinas Aviation Museum. Noted in 'storage area' Oct2000 ex-Socorro MNIMT Blue Canyon

F-86L 52-4139 at Charlotte May 2002 (Mark Nankivil)

52-4142 F-86L Charlotte ANG Base, on pole, NC ANG colours, restored in 2008, ex-Carolinas Aviation Museum, Charlotte Airport by .98, ex-Douglas Airport

F-86L 52-4142 on a pole again at Charlotte ANG Base 2008 (Kevin Mignosa)

Serial Type Location/Details
53-919 F-86D Maxton
53-1007 F-86L Wilmington AFB, IL ANG colours
53-1370 F-86H Goldsboro, outside Sheriff's HQ, donated 27Aug70
23238? CL-13-5 Seymour Johnson AFB, as '112972/Billie', i.d clashes with Sabre at Channel Islands ANG Base CA, but stencil on the S-J aircraft seems to back its claim to this identity

Sabre 5
Canadair Sabre 5 23238 (ex-N86EB) at Seymour Johnson AFB Dec96 (Stuart Lacy)

Serial Type Location/Details
Bu 141393 FJ-3M Hickory Municipal Airport, Sabre Society of North Carolina

*Nose and tail of FJ-3 Bu '135965' also noted at Hickory Oct00.

FJ-3M Bu 141393 now in full colour scheme for the fist time in many years. (Kyle Kirby)

Serial Type Location/Details
Bu??? FJ-3 Grifton Park (is this the example at Hickory?)
Bu??? FJ-3 Jacksonville

North Dakota

Serial Type Location/Details
53-1253 F-86H Jamestown Regional Airport, donated 18Aug70

Rarely depicted, 53-1253 at Jamestown Regional, 24Mar05 (Jennifer Eckman)

53-1372 F-86H Hettinger Municipal Airport, donated 05Mar71
53-1392 F-86H Walhalla Municipal Airport, donated 08Sep71


Serial Type Location/Details
48-263 F-86A Wright-Patterson AFB, USAF Museum store by .06, ex-Bradley, New England Air Museum(in storage)
49-1067 F-86A Wright-Patterson AFB, USAF Museum, as '91236' by .95
Serial Type Location/Details
50-477 F-86D Wright-Patterson AFB, USAF Museum, as '23863/Dennis the Menace', in 97th FIS colours

F-86D 50-477 in the colours af a 97th FIS aircraft.

Serial Type Location/Details
51-3048 F-86D Tiffin
52-3719 F-86D Struthers
52-3814 F-86D Uhrichsville
52-3831 F-86D Dayton, Carillon Park
53-658 F-86L Akron, MAPS museum, under restoration since arrival in 2008. Ex-Wauchula Municipal Airport FL, Florida Military Aviation Museum by .99, ex-St Petersburg/Clearwater IAP, ex-Pinellas Park, Yesterday's Air Force, ex-West Point

F-86L 53-658 looking the worse for wear in 49th FIS colours at Wauchula. See homepage for restoration progress on this machine. (date/photographer unknown)


Serial Type Location/Details
53-715 F-86L Newbury, Walter Soplata Collection
53-724 F-86D Urbana Airport
53-944 F-86D Van Wert
53-959 F-86L Newbury, Walter Soplata Collection
53-1023 F-86L Bradner/Rising Sun
53-1058 F-86D Franklin
??? F-86E/F Newbury, Walter Soplata Collection, marked '0-11123'?

F-86E/F at Newbury OH (date/photographer unknown)

Serial Type Location/Details
52-4492 RF-86F Wright-Patterson AFB, USAF Museum, stored ex-Bergstrom AFB, TX. Noted Aug00

RF-86F 52-4492 in store at USAF Museum .01

52-2059 F-86H Toledo/Sylvania
53-1352 F-86H Wright-Patterson AFB, USAF Museum, sectioned

F-86H 53-1352, sectioned for display at the USAF Museum.

Serial Type Location/Details
53-1528 F-86H Lunkin Airport, Cincinatti, donated 08Jan60, parked next to Executive Jet Aviation hangar by Apr00 for restoration

last F-86H built, 53-1528 at Lunkin Airport .99 (Chuck Ross)


Serial Type Location/Details
51-6091 F-86D Oklahoma City-Will Rogers World Airport
51-8409 F-86D Brown Field, Tulsa, OK ANG Base, gate guard

F-86D 51-8409 at Brown Field, 2007 (Ron Strong)

Serial Type Location/Details
52-3754 F-86D 45th Infantry Division Museum, Midwest City as '24043', last noted 22Aug00

F-86D 52-3754 at Midwest City, May 2006 (Bob Hawley)

Serial Type Location/Details
52-10142 F-86D McAlester
53-566 F-86L Mustang, Wild Horse Park, on pole (59th St, off Route 4, itself off I-40 exit 138 in North of town), allocated Mar97, ex-Montgomery AL

F-86L 53-566 at Wild Horse Park, Feb 2007 (Ron Strong)

Serial Type Location/Details
53-773 F-86D Kingfisher (possibly to Paris, TX)
??? F-86D Tinker ANG Base - any more substantial reports?
??? F-86K? Stroud, reported as '53-8277' (w/o in Italy 12Apr60)
N92FS CL-13-5 Tulsa, Thomas P Stafford Airport, Air & Space Museum, ex-Flight Systems Mojave and RCAF 23285

Sabre 5
Sabre 5 N92FS (23285) in bizarre gray colours, Tulsa April 2006 (Ron Strong)



Serial Type Location/Details
51-3024 F-86D Astoria
51-8467 F-86D Corvallis
53-781 F-86L Vale, donated 25Jun64

F-86L 53-781 at Vale, Oregon in June 2006 (John Brown)

???? F-86D Troutdale, Bob Sturges, Cherry Park Rd
???? F-86L Nyssa
53-809 F-86L Ontario Airport, ex-Provo, UT and Tucson IAP, AZ
53-841 F-86L Ontario Airport, Merle H Maine collection, painted in 513th FIS colours by 04, ex-Socorro, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Blue Canyon site, ex-MASDC 'FC248'

F-86L 53-841 at Ontario, 2008 (Paul Gordon)

51-2826 F-86F-2 Ontario Airport, Merle Maine collection, ex-Paris, TX, ex-Casper, WY

Ex-GunVal F-86F-2 Sabre 51-2826 at Ontario, 2008. (Paul Gordon)

52-4755 F-86F Eugene Airport/Mahlon Sweet Field, Oregon Air & Space Museum, as '12892',ex-ROKAF

Immaculately restored F-86F 52-4755 '12892' seen at Portland ANG Base on 22 Sep 91. (Ted Theoe/Bruce Craig)

???? QF-86F Clackamas, Oregon Military Museum 
52-2057 F-86H Ontario Airport, Merle Maine collection, ex-Socorro, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Blue Canyon site, ex-Massachusetts ANG, MASDC

Hopefully the start of a restoration, the forward fuselage of F-86H 52-2057 at Ontario, 2007. (William Villani)

???? FJ-2 Beaverton Airfield
136119 FJ-3 McMinnville, Evergreen Aviation Museum by .06, ex-Quantico NAS, Air and Ground Museum, as 'LC-1', ex-Cherry Point, in outside store area circa.95-Oct00

Beautifully restored FJ-3 Bu No. 136119 at McMinville. (Stewart W Bailey)


Serial Type Location/Details
52-10046 F-86D Sadsburyville, ex-94th FIS?
53-665 F-86D Imperial VFW Post 7714, just off junction of Routes 22 and 30, donated 03Oct61, noted May99

F-86D 53-665 preserved at Imperial VFW Post. (Jack Polaritz)

Serial Type Location/Details
53-894 F-86L Greater Pittsburgh International Airport, ANG Collection. At McLaren Rd interchange.

F-86L 53-894 preserved at Pittsburgh International Airport.

Serial Type Location/Details
51-13417 F-86F Reading, Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, ex-Spanish AF C.5-235

F-86F C.5-235 at Reading (Mike Henniger)

52-5303 F-86F Mercer, West Pennsylvania Warbird Museum, arrived .07, ex-Florida Military Aviation Museum, Titusville (ex-Anoka, MN)

F-86F 52-5303 now at Mercer, PA (Walt Powell)

52-2043 F-86H Freeport, reported moved 1999 - to?
52-2065 F-86H Avon
53-1316 F-86H Philipsburgh
53-1338 F-86H Beaver Falls Air Force Association, donated 12May70

F-86H 53-1338 at Beaver Falls (C.M. Reed)

Serial Type Location/Details
Bu 143568 FJ-4B Willow Grove NAS, Delaware Valley Historical Aviation Assoc. as '7W/66', ex-Wings of Freedom Museum compound by Oct90, at Combat Air Museum, Topeka, KS from circa .87 to .90

South Carolina

Serial Type Location/Details
53-1064 F-86L McEntire AFB, 169th TFG Museum, SC ANG colours

F-86L 53-1064 at McEntire Oct98 (Stuart Lacy)

Serial Type Location/Details
52-1976 F-86H Greenville, Cleveland Park, donated 20Dec62

F-86H 53-1976 at Greenville.

Serial Type Location/Details
53-1386 F-86H McEntire AFB, 169th TFG Museum, SC ANG colours

F-86H 53-1386 at McEntire 2007 (Stuart Lacy)

Serial Type Location/Details
Bu 135842 FJ-3 Beaufort MCAS, upside down in BDR compound by Mar92
Bu 141376 FJ-3 Beaufort MCAS, as '135841', on loan from Quantico, VA

FJ-3 Fury Bu 141376 at Beaufort MCAS

South Dakota

Serial Type Location/Details
???? F-86D Sturgis, as '29632'
53-1302 F-86H Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota Air and Space Museum, noted Jul98, ex-Fairmont, MN

F-86H 53-1302 at Ellsworth (Jim Keller).


Serial Type Location/Details
52-3679 F-86D McGhee-Tyson AFB museum by Apr2000, ex-Knoxville, donated 02Feb60
52-3840 F-86D Lookout Mountain
53-668 F-86D Nashville Bicentennial Park, donated 11Oct61

F-86D 53-668 at Nashville, 1990 (Dick Phillips)

Serial Type Location/Details
47-605 EF-86A Lackland AFB, History and Traditions Museum

F-86A 47-605 (the oldest survivor) at Lackland, August 6, 2005 (Ron Strong)

51-2991 F-86D Waco, not noted recently - fate?
51-3116 F-86D Waco, not noted recently - fate?
51-6091 F-86L Carswell AFB, South West Aerospace Museum, ex-Perrin AFB
51-6144 F-86L Grayson County Airport by 2008 under restoration, ex-Sherman American Legion, in 513th FIS colours, donated 08Aug62 

F-86L 51-6144 at Grayson County Airport .08 (John Brown)

52-3669/14024 F-86D Pasadena, Hurrican Trucking Yard, noted .87, ex-Skopski Petrovac AB, Yugoslavia
52-3749 F-86D Del Rio Airport
52-3770 F-86D Austin ANG Headquarters, Camp Mabry, ex-Austin University, noted at Kelly AFB May98 for repaint.

F-86D 52-3770 at Camp Mabry, April 2006 (Ron Strong)

52-4239 F-86L Dallas, Frontiers of Flight Museum by .05 (under restoration to fly?), ex-Grayson County Airport, , ex-Dennison/Paris

F-86L 52-4239 at Dallas, 19 October 2005 (Ron Strong)

Serial Type Location/Details
53-900 F-86D Houston Airport
53-1030 F-86L Fort Worth JRB, ANG Collection, Addison Airport, gate guard noted May99

Nicely restored F-86L 53-1030 at Fort Worth JRB 2002 (Mark Nankivil)

53-3693 F-86D Breckenridge
53-4035 F-86L Dyess AFB, Texas Museum of Military History, Linear Air Park, ex-Big Springs Airport, TX


F-86L 53-4035 at Dyess

N190NB F-86D Paris, Flying Tiger Air Museum, variously quoted as 52-3789, 51-2837 and 53-773 (ex-Kingfisher, OK), supposedly airworthy
??? F-86L Kelly AFB, first noted 09Aug96 - thought to be 52-3770 (see Austin), which was noted here in Apr98 awaiting painting.
50-593 F-86E Tulia VFW Post, donated 18May60


Long-serving F-86E at Tulia September 2004 (Gerald Mcmasters)

52-4689 F-86F Fort Worth/Meacham Regional Airport, Vintage Flying Museum, stored, N8630 and ex-Bolivian AF 658 (spares source for airworthy N86NA/52-4731)

F-86F 52-4689 at Vintage Flying Museum, March 2006 (Ron Strong)

Not listed here (since it's airworthy), F-86F N86NA/52-4731, is, like sister 52-4689, ex-Bolivian AF (Fort Worth, March 2006 - Ron Strong)

53-1239 F-86H Fort Worth, Pate Museum of Transportation, CT ANG colours, camouflaged

F-86H 53-1239 looking rather weather-beaten at Pate Museum 2002 (Mark Nankivil)

Bu 139516 FJ-4 Tyler, Historic Aviation Museum, for display in VMF-232 colours, ex-Galveston, Seawolf Park

FJ-4 Bu 139516 beautifully restored at Tyler, 2004 (Don MacAuley)


Serial Type Location/Details
51-6055 F-86L Hill AFB, Heritage Museum, ex-Albany

Before...F-86L 51-6055 at Albany prior to moving to Hill AFB

After....F-86L 51-6055 displayed at Hill AFB.

Serial Type Location/Details
53-561 F-86L St.George, Civilian Air Patrol
53-1045 F-86L Wendover ANG Base, under restoration by 2008, ex-Battle Mountain Air Museum, arrived by Apr91, in ID ANG colours

F-86L 53-1045 being lifted from its plinth at Battle Mountain in 2008 - the aircraft is now at Wendover (Wendover Tom)

Serial Type Location/Details
???? F-86F Salt Lake City International Airport, ANG area, on pole as '91273', in 191st FIS colours as Capt Clifford Jolley's aircraft (**now confirmed as F-86F**)

Still-unidentified Sabre at Salt Lake City ANG area - though now it is confirmed as an F-86F (Ron Strong)

Serial Type Location/Details
52-4978 F-86F Hill AFB, Heritage Museum as '12834' 'Jolley Roger' (arrived circa 2006?), ex-Colorado Springs, USAF Academy, arrived Aug87, ex-Argentina.

52-4978 in curious ADC gray colours as '12834' at Hill AFB


Serial Type Location/Details
52-10068 F-86L Camp Meade Motor Court by Oct92- Sold May04, should be moving to Oregon Jul04



Serial Type Location/Details
51-3064 F-86L Virginia Air Power Park (previously named Hampton Aerospace Park), Mercury Boulevade, Hampton (ex-Quantico?), donated 18Oct62, noted Oct00

F-86L 51-3064 at Virginia Aerspace Park 2001 (Glen Coleman)

52-2005 F-86H (Surrey, Town Centre) reportedly gone '20 years ago' - where to?
52-2040 F-86H Front Royal airport for restoration late 1999, ex- junkyard 
52-2044 F-86H Front Royal airport, for restoration by late 1999, ex-junkyard, as 'Howdy Doody' 

Undergoing restoration at Front Royal, ex-167th TFS WV ANG F-86H 52-2044 (Don Moyer)

More recent view of Don's beautiful F-86H (Don Moyer)


Serial Type Location/Details
52-5747 F-86H Langley AFB, on pole as '31483', ex-Luke AFB

F-86H 52-5747 at Langley

Bu 136008 FJ-3 Oceana NAS, by 29Apr95 as 'S-112' in VF-84 colours, ex-Pensacola NAS, FL

FJ-3 Bu 136008 at Oceana


Serial Type Location/Details
???? F-86D/L McChord AFB Museum, ex-Arlington Airport, as '15976', under restroation 2008.

F-86D '51-5976' at McChord AFB Apr98. I.d. may well be correct (Stuart Lacy)


Serial Type Location/Details
51-6069 F-86L Bridgeport, donated 05Oct61

F-86L 51-6069 at Bridgeport .99 (Stuart Lacy)


Serial Type Location/Details
???? F-86A Fairchild AFB, ANG area by 15Jun95, as '8281'
23344 CL-13-5 Fairchild AFB, gate guard by 15Jun95 as '91086', Heritage Museum, ex-RCAF colours, ex-Flight Systems N86EC
N8686F/ c/n 1153 CL-13-5 Seattle, Museum of Flight, arrived Dec91, ex-Boeing chase

Sabre 5
Sabre 5 N8686F at Seattle MoF in June 2007 (Peter Langsdale)

West Virginia

Serial Type Location/Details
51-6078 F-86L Milton, donated 28Dec60

F-86L 51-6078 at Milton WV 2008 (Rick Norris)

Serial Type Location/Details
52-2058 F-86H Yeager Airport, Martinsburg, 167th Airlift Wing WV ANG gate guard, ex-Grissom AFB and Lafeyette Airport, IN



Serial Type Location/Details
51-5938 F-86L Appleton, Army Legion Home, donated 01Nov95

F-86L 51-5938 at Appleton 23Dec02 (Paul Bigelow)

51-8455 F-86D Monroe, Twining Park, donated 04Apr60, noted 2002

Often overlooked, 51-8455 at Monroe, May 2006 (John Anderson)

????? F-86D Hales Corners, Experimental Aircraft Association Museum
52-5143 F-86F Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum, in annex as '12852', ex-Ypsilanti/Willow Run Airport, MI Yankee Air Force, ex-N25143 and NAKA trials, on loan from Quantico, VA
52-1993 F-86H Hales Corners, Experimental Aircraft Association Museum, on pole in 4th FIW Korean War colours

F-86H 52-1993 at the EAA Museum 23Dec02 (Paul Bigelow)

53-1358 F-86H Volk Field, Wisconsin ANG Museum, noted May94

F-86H 53-1358 at Volk Field (John Kerr)

53-1359 F-86H Argyle, donated 23Nov70

F-86H 53-1359 at Argyle .98 (Dave McLaren)...

Compare with this view at Argyle in May 2006 (John Anderson)

????? F-86H Milwaukee


Serial Type Location/Details
53-806 F-86D Cheyenne Airport, WY ANG, noted Sep91 and Apr98
23351 CL-13-5 Cheyenne Airport, WY ANG, ex-Chanute AFB IL as '23153'

Sabre 5
Sabre 5 23351 at Cheyenne, masquerading as '23153' (Don Barker)

Thanks to

Dave Roberson, Dave McLaren, Jim Moore, Howard Curtis, Larry Godek, Kurt Laughlin, Don Moyer, Per Thorup Pedersen, Stuart Lacy, Art Torrey

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