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This listing details all known extant F-86 Sabres and derivatives across the globe. However, the relatively mobile state of airworthy F-86/CL-13 aircraft in the United States precludes me from listing those machines here; unless of course, they have ceased flying for any meaningful period. Suffice to say, any additions or corrections would be welcome.



Serial Type Location/Details
1213/53-626 F-86L Nakhon Nayok, ex-Bangkok Armed Forces Preparatory School ? painted as 30676 code ?1213?.
1214/53-677 F-86L On Thanon Phahon Yothin highway near Don Muang RTAF Academy

F-86L 53-677/1214 on Thanon Phahon Yothin highway, 11 February 2005 (Masato Ota).

1215/53-681 F-86L Bangkok, Royal Thai AF Museum

F-86L 53-681/1215 at the RTAF Museum, 11 February 2005 (Masato Ota).

1221/53-843 F-86L Takhli AB, fuselage noted Feb04

F-86L 53-843/1221 at Takhli Feb04 (F-86F 52-5085 at rear. (Steve Darke)

1232/53-892 F-86L Don Muang RTAFB, Royal Thai AF Academy ? in parade ground.

F-86L 53-892 at Don Muang (Martijn Rozeboom).

1313/52-4941 F-86F Korat RTAFB, displayed on pole at main gate
(1314)/51-13220 F-86F Don Muang RTAFB, ? centre section in fire area (no code visible) - previously front fuselage only by Jul92?

fuselage of F-86F 51-13220/1314 at Don Muang (Steve Darke).

1314/52-5112 F-86F Don Muang RTAFB, RTAF HQ, on pole by 1992. This aircraft was painted as -5021 (not a Thai F-86), but has now been repainted as 5112 code ?4334?, so is presumably ex 52-5112.

F-86F 52-5112/1314 at Don Muang (Steve Darke).

1315/52-5022 F-86F Don Muang RTAFB, gate guard, RTAF Academy? in parade ground.

F-86F 52-5022/1315 at Don Muang (Martijn Rozeboom).

4311/52-4482 F-86F Bangkok, displayed at National Science Center for Education since at least 1983? now coded ?1211?

F-86F 52-4482 at the Bangkok National Science Center for Education (Martijn Rozeboom).

4315/52-5085 F-86F Takhli AB, fuselage noted Feb04
4321/51-13232 F-86F Takhli, town centre - see '4111'
4322/52-5060 F-86F Bangkok, Royal Thai AF Museum

F-86F 52-5060/4322 at the RTAF Museum, 11 February 2005 (Masato Ota).

4335/52-5044 F-86F Tango Squadron, stored at Takhli by .04, ex-Don Muang RTAFB by .96 - s/n may be -5047.

F-86F fuselage 52-5044/4335 at Don Muang (Steve Darke).

4342/52-5079 F-86F Takhli, displayed on Route 1, noted .95 and .98? still there 2007

F-86F 52-5079/4342 at Takhli (Steve Darke).

51-13345 F-86F Tango Squadron, Don Muang AB by May98, ex-ROKAF, noted .02
52-4463 F-86F Tango Squadron, Don Muang AB, by May 98 ex-ROKAF, noted .02
4345/52-5032 F-86F Chiang Mai, 41 Wing area, as '270325/051232', first noted preserved 91

F-86F 52-5032 at Chiang Mai (Martijn Rozeboom).

1326/51-13234 F-86F Lop Buri RTAFB, on pole as '1326/83234' by 2007 (previously '2001'), first noted .88

Its USAF id now confirmed after repaint, F-86F '1326/83234' at Lop Buri (Steve Darke).



Serial Type Location/Details
  F-86F Gafsa-Ksar AB, mounted on pole near gate, unmarked noted Mar02


Serial Type Location/Details
19103 CL-13-2 Ankara, Akinci/Murted AB, on pole, White Swans colours

Sabre 2
Sabre 2 19103 at Murted.

19190 CL-13-2 Etimesgut AB, museum by May98

Sabre 2
Sabre 2 19190 at Etimesgut (Soner Capoglu).

19207 CL-13-2 Ataturk, Turkish AF Museum, ex-Cumaovasir

Sabre 2
Sabre 2 19207 at THK Museum (Steve Darke).

Serial Type Location/Details
19268 CL-13-2 Ataturk, Turkish AF Museum, in Flying Swans c/s

Sabre 2
Sabre 2 19268 at THK Museum (Steve Darke).

Serial Type Location/Details
. CL-13-2 Merzifon AB in red/white colours of 5 Ajv as 5-419', arrived by May94

Thanks to

Howard Curtis
C. Baumgaertner

Steve Darke

Andy Marden

Martijn Rozeboom/1a2 ece

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