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This listing details all known extant F-86 Sabres and derivatives across the globe. However, the relatively mobile state of airworthy F-86/CL-13 aircraft in the United States precludes me from listing those machines here; unless of course, they have ceased flying for any meaningful period. Suffice to say, any additions or corrections would be welcome.


Serial Type Location/Details
52-5248 F-86F Palam, Indian AF Museum, Pak AF wreckage

Wreckage of 52-5248 at Palam


Serial Type Location/Details
TS-8603/A94-368 CA-27-32 Bandung, SkaTek Husein-Sastranegara, preserved by Apr88 'Ganesha 1'

Sabre 32
TS-8603 seen at PT Nurtanio .89, now with Bandara Husein-Sastrane Gara

TS-8607/A94-957 CA-27-32 Ponorogo, Taman Rekreasi Umbul by '80s

Sabre 32
TS-8607 in verdant surroundings at Taman Rekreasi Umbul (Marco Pennings)

F-8608/A94-963 CA-27-32 Lanud Palembang by Oct 96 (tail of TS8614?)

Sabre 32
TS-8608 at Lanud Palembang (Marco Pennings)

TS-8609/A94-968 CA-27-32 Bojonegoro, Taman Wisata, Desa Dander from 29Jul84

Sabre 32
TS-8609 at Taman Wisata (Marco Pennings)

TS-8614/A94-980 CA-27-32 Bandung, PT Nurtanio factory - tail to F-8608?

Sabre 32
TS-8614 at PT Nurtanio .89

TS-8615/A94-988 CA-27-32 Yogyakarta, Akademi Angkatan Udara

Sabre 32
TS-8615 displayed at the TNI-AU Academy (Marco Pennings)

TS-8616/A94-990 CA-27-32 Sendang Asri park, Waduk Gajah Mungkur by 2001, ex-Pokok Kidul Waduk Gajah Mungkur Wonogiri
TS8618/A94- CA-27-32 Yogyakarta, Musium Dirgantara Mandala from 1981
TS8621/A94- CA-27-32 Iswahyudi AB, preserved

Sabre 32
TS-8621 displayed at Iswahyudi AB (Marco Pennings)

TS8622/A94- CA-27-32 Lanud Pekanbaru, displayed on roundabout. In lurid orange, red and green 'psychedelic' scheme by .05

Sabre 32
TS-8622 displayed at Lanud Pekanbaru (Marco Pennings)


Serial Type Location/Details
51-13179/3-121 F-86F Sa'd Abad, Aerospace Exhibition Centre, incomplete, traces of USAF markings, first noted 23Feb97

F-86F 3-121 being worked on at at Sa'd Abad 2008

Serial Type Location/Details
? F-86F Sa'd Abad Palace, in Golden Crown colours, first noted .07

Unidentified F-86F at Sa'd Abad Palace (Majid Khodaei)


Serial Type Location/Details
19523 CL-13-4 Grazzanise AB, Logistics gate guard as '13-30', tail of 19664, ex-Capua and Rivolto AB - to Capua by Nov96?, noted at Grazzanise Mar98
19534 CL-13-4 Turin/Caselle Airport, preserved by AMI

Sabre 4
Canadair Sabre 4/F-86E(M) 19534 at Turin Airport (photo by Aeromedia)

Serial Type Location/Details
19538 CL-13-4 Prati, Vecci-Aguscello Gliding Club (tail section)
19543 CL-13-4 Prati, Vecci-Aguscello Gliding Club (tail section)
19596 CL-13-4 Caserta, AMI NCO School, as '4-46', due to move to Capua
19600 CL-13-4 Gioia del Colle AB, tail section as monument by 12 Gruppo
19664 CL-13-4 Rivolto AB, noted May08, in group near ATC as '19685' in Cavallino Rampant c/s, ex-Capua, Scuola Specialisti AM, as '19685'

Sabre 4
Canadair Sabre 4/F-86E(M) 19664 at Rivolto

19668 CL-13-4 Cameri AB, Lanceri Neri colours, parts of 19509

Sabre 4
Canadair Sabre 4/F-86E(M) 19668 at Cameri AB

19680 CL-13-4 Udine, Instituto Tecnico A Malignani as '2-37'
19723 CL-13-4 Rivolto AB? see 19680
19724 CL-13-4 Rivolto AB, noted May08 in group near ATC , Frecce Tricolori colours '1', ex-Vigna di Valle

Sabre 4
Canadair Sabre 4/F-86E(M) 19724 at Rivolto

19782 CL-13-4 Instituto Tecnico Industrale Da Vinci Technical School, Pisa as '4-83', noted May08

Sabre 4
Canadair Sabre 4/F-86E(M) 19782 at Pisa

19792 CL-13-4 Vigna-di-Valle, AMI Museum, ex-Vicenza AB, under restoration from .04 with GAVS for (and ex-) Vigna di Valle AMI Museum as '13-1'

Sabre 4 Sabre 4
Above (left): Finished! Beautifully restored Sabre 4 19792 after press roll-out at Vicenza on 1 November 2006. Giuseppe Versolato and his wife rightfully proud to pose for this photo in the centre, and (right): Suitably wrapped in protective material, in April 2008, the aircraft was moved to an AMI aircraft depot near Rome. In 2009, once hangar restoration at the Italian Air Force Museum (at Vigna di Valle, Rome) is complete, the aircraft will return to the museum for static display. (Giuseppe Versolato)

Serial Type Location/Details
19841 CL-13-4 Grosseto AB, gate guard, arrived .87 as '4-44', ex-Grazzanise and Capua (possibly fitted with tail from another a/c)

Sabre 4
Canadair Sabre 4/F-86E(M) 19841 at Grosseto AB, Sep99 (Guidi Christian)

???? CL-13-4 Rivolto AB by Sep95, ex-Udine, Lanceri Neri colours as '19723' - reported as 19680?
53-8274 F-86K Alessandria, Instituto Tecnico Volta di Alessandria as '5-57'
53-8291 F-86K Cervia-San Georgio AB, '5-52'
53-8297 F-86K Rome, GRA Bufalotta - Bentivoglio Industrial Equipments by .04, ex-Capua, Scuola Specialisti AM, as '51-60', stored by .98

F-86K 53-8297 at Bentivoglio Industrial Equipments.

Serial Type Location/Details
53-8299 F-86K Gallarate, 2 Deposito Centrale, as '51-6', ex Bergamo .83
53-8300 F-86K Trento, stored .97 for new Museo Caproni, ex-Vizzola Ticino, Caproni Museum, as '5-55', ex-'5-71'

F-86K 53-8300 at Caproni Museum (MAP)

Serial Type Location/Details
53-8301 F-86K Rimini AB, pres near gate
53-8308 F-86K Gioia del Colle gate guard as '36-06'

F-86K 53-8308 at Gioia

53-8316 F-86K Cameri AB, 21 Gruppo hangar, as '51-21'

F-86K 53-1316 at Cameri

54-1288* F-86K Vicenza, on civil side of aerodrome (owned by GAVS) ex-Vicenza AB and Treviso AB, as '51-72'

F-86K 54-1288 on the civil side of Vicenza Airport following closure of the military base (Giuseppe Versolato, autumn 2008)

54-1292 F-86K Rivolto AB Museum, noted May 08 as '54821/36-25', SW area, tail of 55-4818

F-86K 54-1292 at Rivolto AB

55-4812 F-86K Milan, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnica as '51-3' by Feb94, ex-Museo Alfa Romeo di Arese, Milan
55-4815* F-86K Saletto, in garden on north of SS10 by Nov00, ex-Megliadino di San Fidenzo (Padora), arrived 15Apr87, tail of 54-1256

F-86K 55-4815 while at Treviso

55-4847 F-86K Aviano AB, previously in town centre, on pole as '63-8189' and '55-847'. Noted 21Jul97 beside 510th FS shelter as 'FU-847/58-847' and 18Jul98 - fuselage inside hangar and wings outside. 

F-86K '63-8189' at Aviano (MAP)

Serial Type Location/Details
55-4858* F-86K Castel Volturno, Ditellandia Air Park on pole as '51-51', tail of 55-4869, noted Campania .91
55-4863 F-86K Istrana as '38278/51-01', ex-'51-60'
55-4868 F-86K Vigna di Valle, AMI Museum as '51-62'

F-86K 55-4868 '51-62' at Vigna di Valle (Phil Callihan)

55-4869* F-86K Treviso, Petrin Military Surplus, route SS13 north of town, tail of 54-1288 noted Nov00

F-86K 55-4869 at Treviso

Serial Type Location/Details
? F-86K Rimini AB, dump, composite of 55-4906 and 55-4820

*These aircraft were previously at a scrapyard in Godega May75, then to Istrana Aug82, along with four others. All four to Perimetal scrapyard, Castrette circa May87.

Thanks to

Howard Curtis
Frank McMeiken
Per Thorup Pedersen
Marco Pennings
Franco Vercelli

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