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Sabres Worldwide-G to H

This listing details all known extant F-86 Sabres and derivatives across the globe. However, the relatively mobile state of airworthy F-86/CL-13 aircraft in the United States precludes me from listing those machines here; unless of course, they have ceased flying for any meaningful period. Suffice to say, any additions or corrections would be welcome.


Serial Type Location/Details
c/n 819 CL-13-5 Sonthofen, Jagerkaserne, as 'BB-118', ex-'GAF-001', 'YA-005' and 'BB-112' (was undergoing restoration at Erding 2005-2006)

Sabre 5
c/n 819 photographed at Erding 22 May 2006, still undergoing restoration (Andy Marden).

c/n 838 CL-13-5 Roth, barracks, as 'JA-130' by Jul92, previously 'BB-130', ex-Oberpfaffenhofen

Sabre 5
c/n 838 at Roth.

c/n 840 CL-13-5 Schwenningen, International Luftfahrt Museum, arrived by .93 as 'JB-111', ex-Pinneberg, Eggerstedt Kaserne, as 'JB-111', ex-BB-141, 139 and JB311'

Sabre 5
c/n 840 photographed at Pinneberg.

c/n 895 CL-13-5 Gatow, Luftwaffen Museum, 'BB150', inside, ex-Uetersen, Luftwaffen Museum, noted Mar92
c/n 931 CL-13-5 Bochum, on pole outside the D&W car tuning store near the A40 road Bochum-Dueckerweg exit 31 in 'leopard spot' colours, ex-(in pink colours) on pole at A40 exit 30 (89-04), - ex Ikarusflug Museum, Marl as 'JA-102' (85-88), ex- Air-Classik collection, Duesseldorf IAP as 'JA-102' (82-84), and Caspari-Kaserne, Delmenhorst-Deichhorst (60-81)

Sabre 5
c/n 931 now on a pole near Bochum, photographed in 2005 by Joerg Windmueller.

c/n 1111 CL-13B-5 Neuhardenberg, under restoration in HAS, ex-Baarlo, Holland, ex-Koln/Wahn fire service

Sabre 5
c/n 1111 in its hardened shelter, 2008 (Tom Heldt)

c/n 1591 CL-13B-6 Gatow, Luftwaffenmuseum by Nov97 as 'JA-111', ex-'0101', ex-Manching, Lehrlingswerkstapp, as 'YA-005' - noted at Manching Open Day 23Sep95 as '0101' + Aug96

Sabre 6
c/n 1591 at Gatow (Stefan Schmoll).

c/n 1598 CL-13B-6 Manching, as 'YA-041', to Lauchringen scrapyard?
c/n 1603 CL-13B-6 Gatow, Luftwaffen Museum, as D-9539, ex-Uetersen Luftwaffen Museum and Fassberg

Sabre 6
c/n 1603 at Gatow.

c/n 1611 CL-13B-6 Lauda/Konigshofen, Tauberfrankenkaserne gate guard as 'JB-371'
c/n 1613 CL-13B-6 Speyer, Auto und Technik Museum by Mar98 as '01-08', ex-Sinsheim, Auto und Technik Museum, as 'YA-042', arrived 26Jul83, ex-Stuttgart Technical University
c/n 1625 CL-13B-6 Wittmudhafen AB, as 'JA-111', to 'JA-106' by Apr95?
c/n 1643 CL-13B-6 Uetersen, Luftwaffen Museum, outside as 'JB-110'

Sabre 6
c/n 1643 at Uetersen.

c/n(1645?) CL-13B-6 Buchel AB, scrapyard, as 'JA-332', wreck, probably gone by now

Sabre 6
Sabre 6 c/n (1645?) at Buchel - now gone? (MAP)

Serial Type Location/Details
c/n 1647 CL-13B-6 Westerland, fire section as 'JA-301', burnt?, last noted .83
c/n 1659 CL-13B-6 Oberschleissheim, Deutsches Air Museum by 13Sep92 as 'KE-105', ex-Munich, Deutsches Museum 'JD-105' and '0105'

Sabre 6
c/n 1659 at Oberschleissheim (Peter Sickinger).

c/n 1664 CL-13B-6 Wittmund airfield, preserved by Aug96, JA-106' ex-Kaufbeuren, TsLw 1, as '0106', ex-Neubiberg

Sabre 6
c/n 1664 preserved at Wittmund (Martijn Rozeboom).

c/n 1668 CL-13B-6 Hamburg/Olsdorf, Logistikschule der Bundeswehr, as '0107'- to 'JA-111'? - thought to have gone, see below.
c/n 1696 CL-13B-6 Hermeskeil, Luftfahrtaustellung by .97, ex-Rottenburg, FlaRakBtl 34 as 'JC-101'

Sabre 6
Sabre 6 c/n 1696 at Hermeskeil.

Serial Type Location/Details
c/n 1715 CL-13B-6 Ottobrun, simulator with Industrie Anlagen Betriebs Gesellschaft, forward fuselage
c/n 1724 CL-13B-6 Wittmundhafen, Fliegerkaserne, as 'JA-112'

Sabre 6
c/n 1724 at Wittmundhafen (Martijn Rozeboom).

c/n 1730 CL-13B-6 Jever AB, on base, (previously on pole?), as 'JB-114', ex- 'BB-103' 

Sabre 6
Sabre 6 c/n 1730 at Jever whilst marked as BB-103.

c/n 1732 CL-13B-6 Goslar, Marienburgerstrasse, as 'GS-338', arrived .68, still there Nov08 (due to close 2009)

Sabre 6
c/n 1732 at Goslar, October 2008 (via Brendan Cowan).

c/n 1734 CL-13B-6 Dresden, Militarhistorisches Museum, ex-Oldenburg AB, JaBoG 43 HQ as 'JB-110'

Sabre 6
c/n 1734 at Dresden.

c/n 1740 CL-13B-6 Fassberg, TsLw 3 as 'D-9542', still noted Dec00
c/n 1745 CL-13B-6 Fassberg, fire training aircraft, as 'JB-235' - thought perished
c/n 1746 CL-13B-6 Ottobrun, simulator with Industrie Anlagen Betriebs Gesellschaft, forward fuselage as '0109'
c/n 1770 CL-13B-6 Fassberg, TsLw 3
c/n 1775 CL-13B-6 Wittmund, JG71 baracks, ex-Aahlhorn AB, in JG 71 colours as 'JA-110', ex-'JB-112'

Sabre 6
Sabre 6 c/n 1775 at Aalhorn.74.

c/n 1784 CL-13B-6 Fassberg, TsLw 3, as 'D-9523'
c/n 1805 CL-13B-6 Koln/Wahn, fire service
c/n 1813 CL-13B-6 S?llingen, Deutsch-Kanadischem-Luftwaffenmuseum, arrived (.04?), ex-Oldenburg AB gate guard, as '371'

Sabre 6
Michael Auberger with CL-13B Sabre 6 c/n 1813 at S?llingen (Michael Auberger).

Serial Type Location/Details
c/n 1814 CL-13B-6 Laage, gate guard, noted Oct97 and Aug01, ex-Pferdsfeld AB, JaBoG 35 gate guard as 'JC-102'

Sabre 6
Sabre 6 c/n 1814 at Laage.

Serial Type Location/Details
c/n ? CL-13 Koln/Wahn, noted .78
??? CL-13 Hamburg, Heide/Wulf Kaserne, noted Sep96 'JA-111' - possibly c/n 1668 - see above
??? F-86F Spangdahlem AB by 2007, ex-Bitburg AB, gate guard as '113036'
52-5372 F-86F Sembach AB, gate guard, ex-Spanish AF
55-48**(97?) F-86K Neuberg, Wilhelm Frankl Kaserne on pole as 'JD-172', ex-Furstenfeldbruck also quoted as 55-4932

The Neuberg F-86K pictured at Fustenfeldbruck .74 (Peter Sickinger)

55-4881 F-86K Gatow, Luftwaffen Museum, 'JD-249' ex-Uetersen as 'JD-249', ex-Karlsruhe

55-4881 at Gatow .96

55-4928 F-86K Neuberg/Donau, JG 74 barracks as 'JD-119', (gone to Erding for refurb 2007)

55-4928 under restoration at Erding


Serial Type Location/Details
19146 CL-13-2 Tatoi AB, School of Ikarus Technical School, HQ (stored in wooded area for HAF Museum in bare metal by 2006?)
19168 CL-13-2 Dekelia, Greek AF Museum, ex-Tatoi AB, base museum as '12910', ex-Ikarus Tech School (arr there by 09Apr96), ex-Sedes AB by .92, ex-Thessaloniki/Mikra AB, decoy

Sabre 2
19168 at Tatoi museum.(Themis Vranas)

19169 CL-13-2 Dekelia, Greek AF Museum by 2007, in 342 Moira colours, ex-Tatoi AB base museum, in Elliniki Floga colours as '202'

Sabre 2
19169 at Tatoi (now in aerobatic team colours).(Themis Vranas)

19235 CL-13-2 Tanagra AB in Elliniki Flogas colours

Sabre 2
19235 at Tanagra.(Themis Vranas)

19243 CL-13-2 Andravida AB, gate guard

Sabre 2
19243 at Andravida.(Themis Vranas)

19294 CL-13-2 preserved at petrol station, ex-Thessaloniki/Mikra AB

Sabre Mk.2 19294 now preserved at a petrol station at Thessaloniki (Themis Vranas).

Serial Type Location/Details
19347 CL-13-2 Tatoi AB, dismantled in museum restoration hangar by 04Apr97, ex-Ikarus Tech School, Tatoi by 09Apr96, ex-Thessaloniki/Mikra gate guard by Nov93 as '26866' ex-Sedes AB .92, ex-Thessaloniki/Mikra AB, decoy (reported at Sedes Apr96)

Sabre 2
19347 assembled at Tatoi.(Themis Vranas)

19409 CL-13-2 Larissa AB, preserved next to VIP ramp by Nov93, to Tatoi store by Apr96? (noted at Larissa Mar98)

Sabre 2
19409 at Larissa.(Themis Vranas)

19448 CL-13-2 Nea Ankhialos AB, gate guard on pole

Sabre 2
19448 in dramatic pose at Nea Ankhialos.(Themis Vranas)

19*** CL-13-2 Thessaloniki/Mikra AB*, decoy-gone?, reported as '19237'
19*** CL-13-2 Thessaloniki/Mikra AB*, decoy-gone?, reported as '19198'
19*** CL-13-2 Loutraki, Hellenic Army Engineering School, first noted April 2007

Sabre 2
Previously unknown Sabre 2/F-86E(M) at Loutraki, Apr07 (K.Ntasios via Andy Marden)

51-6149 F-86D Previza AB, dump - noted Apr96 & Apr97
51-6168 F-86D Agrinio AB, external store at NW Shelter area, noted Nov93 & Apr96 & Apr97, Aug07 (earmarked for storage by HAF Museum). NOTE: id -6158 also quoted, but this aircraft was lost in an accident 15Dec53!

F-86D 51-6168 at Agrinio, August 2007 (Themis Vranas).

51-6182 F-86D Araxos AB, decoy
51-6206 F-86D Previza AB, dump - believed scrapped Apr96, (3 F-86 noted Apr97)
51-6216 F-86D Araxos AB, dumped by Aug90
51-6234 F-86D Agrinio AB, external store, noted Nov93 & Apr96 & Apr97, Aug07 (earmarked for storage by HAF Museum)

F-86D 51-6234 at Agrinio, August 2007 (Themis Vranas).

Serial Type Location/Details
51-8297 F-86D Previza AB, dump - noted Apr96 & Apr97

F-86Ds 51-8297 (left) and 51-8366 at Preveza Feb97 (Themis Vranas).

51-8298 F-86D Agrinio AB, external store, noted Aug07, transferred wingless from Preveza AB for fire fighting practice

F-86D 51-8298 at Agrinio, August 2007 (Themis Vranas).

51-8392 F-86D Araxos AB, decoy
51-8404 F-86D Athens War Museum, as '16171'
52-10067 F-86D Dekelia, Greek AF Museum by 2007, ex-Tatoi AB base museum, first noted Apr95

F-86D 52-10067 at Tatoi on 14Apr95 (A Balch).

'329' F-86D Previza AB, dump by Nov93, noted Apr96
'998' F-86D Tatoi AB, base museum, noted Nov97
'F-86' Heraklion AB, decoy
. 'F-86' Larissa AB, decoy
. 'F-86' Larissa AB, decoy
. 'F-86' Larissa AB, decoy

*On 01Apr96, there was a badly burnt 'F-86' reported on the dump at Thessaloniki/Mikra AB


Serial Type Location/Details
FAH3006/19821 - see NOTE CL-13-4 Tegucigalpa, Fundacion Museo del Aire by May07, ex-San Pedro Sula .98 - dump (NOTE: the FACh Museum in Chile also state that their a/c is c/n 721)

Sabre 4 '3006' at Tegucigalpa (Steve Homewood)

FAH3005/19762 CL-13-4 San Pedro Sula .98 - dump
FAH3007/19725 CL-13-4 San Pedro Sula .98 - dump
FAH3008/19681 CL-13-4 San Pedro Sula, ramp area for preservation by .98

FAH3008 at San Pedro Sula .98 (Bas Stubert)

FAH3010/19583 CL-13-4 San Pedro Sula .98
FAH3002/19869 CL-13-4 San Pedro Sula .98 - dump
FAH3009/19674 CL-13-4 San Pedro Sula .98 - dump
??? F-86K La Ceiba, gate guard by Jan98 as '4013', previously derelict here since at least .83, either '1102 or 1103'
FAH1100/56-41** F-86K Tegucigalpa, Fundacion Museo del Aire by May07, ex-San Pedro Sula, derelict by .86, noted .98

FAH1100 at San Pedro Sula (Steve Homewood)

FAH1101/56-41** F-86K San Pedro Sula, gate guard
*A total of six CL-13/F-86F are known derelict at San Pedro Sula .98

Thanks to

Emiel Sloot
Sven Adamski

Cheryl Baumg?rtner

Howard Curtis

Themis Vranas

John Kerr

Bas Stubert

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