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Sabres Worldwide-B

This listing details all known extant F-86 Sabres and derivatives across the globe. However, the relatively mobile state of airworthy F-86/CL-13 aircraft in the United States precludes me from listing those machines here; unless of course, they have ceased flying for any meaningful period. Suffice to say, any additions or corrections would be welcome.




s/n Type Location
c/n 1802 CL-13B-6 Bangladesh Defence Force Museum, Dhaka, as 'JB-255'

Sabre 6 c/n 1802 at Dhaka, the 'JB255' relates to a previous Luftwaffe i.d.



s/n Type Location
5316/52-5242 F-86F Brussels Air Museum, ex-Portugal arrived May81

F-86F 5316/52-5242 preserved at Brussels Air Museum.


Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

s/n Type Location
52-3609/14016 F-86D Tuzla AB
52-3759 (14032?) F-86D Doboj, noted 1998 in USAF colours (spares aircraft for RViPVO?)

Something of an oddity, this USAF-marked F-86D was spotted at Doboj in 1998. It still bears traces of its previous 324th FIS colour scheme, but SHOULD have become s/n 14032 with RViPVO.

s/n Type Location
?? F-86E(M) Banja Luka, noted 2004




s/n Type Location
0014 F-86K? Museu Aerospacial, Campos dos Alfonsos, Venezuelan AF colours, first noted .95

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Per Thorup Pedersen



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