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This listing details all known extant F-86 Sabres and derivatives across the globe. However, the relatively mobile state of airworthy F-86/CL-13 aircraft in the United States precludes me from listing those machines here; unless of course, they have ceased flying for any meaningful period. Suffice to say, any additions or corrections would be welcome.



s/n Type Location
C-104/52-5146 F-86F Lanus, Buenos Aires on pole

F-86F C-104 displayed at Lanus 2002 (Hernan Casciani)

s/n Type Location
C-111 F-86F Palmira, on pole, camouflage by .94 (C-111 to US .88?)

F-86F 'C-111' displayed at Palmira .94 (G Ghiretti)

s/n Type Location
'C-113' F-86F Mendoza, on pole, composite of C-105 and C-121

F-86F 'C-113' displayed at Mendoza.

s/n Type Location
C-122/52-4973 F-86F Argentine AF Museum, Jorge Newberry airport, noted Jul98

F-86F C-122 at Jorge Newberry 2000.

s/n Type Location
C-124/52-4974 F-86F EAM, Cordoba, noted 16Oct96, wearing serial 'C-114' by Jul98

F-86F C-124 at Cordoba .99 (JFN Padin).


For the most up to date Australia Survivors list, vist: ADF-Serials Survivors
Below was the list created by Duncan. The above website updates regularly.

s/n Type Location
A94-101 CA-26 Point Cook RAAF Museum, ex-Forest Hill, in store by Nov95, and Oct98

A94-101 at Point Cook
s/n Type Location
A94-356 CA-27-32 Toowoomba, Qld. Stored for Lynette Zuccoli .99
A94-369 CA-27-32 Morwell, Victoria - under restoration by Jeff Trappet, ex-Point Cook RAAF Museum, Storage and Restoration hangar
A94-901 CA-27-30 Australian Aviation Museum, Bankstown NSW, ex-Mildura Airport Museum

CA-27 Mk.30 A94-901 at Bankstown (Tom Meikle).

s/n Type Location
A94-907 CA-27-30 RAAF Point Cook by Nov95, ex-RAAF Laverton, (arrived 31May93), ex-RAAF Tottenham, ex-Wagga Wagga

CA-27 Mk.30 A94-907 seen at Forest Hill, June 1985 (Mark Richardson).

s/n Type Location
A94-909 CA-27-30 Temora Aviation Museum, NSW, by 2005, David Lowy, under restoration to flying condition, ex-Stallion 51, Kissimmee, FL, returned from US .99, previously with Toowoomba Museum, Redcliffe Airfield Qld. by 89 

A-94-909 with David Lowy at Temora Aviation Museum .99

s/n Type Location
A94-910 CA-27-30 Point Cook, RAAF Museum noted Hangar 179 Jul07, supposedly for David Lowy, for restoration to flying condition at Temora NSW

A94-910 seen at Point Cook June 1985 (Mark Richardson)

s/n Type Location
A94-914 CA-27-30 Winnelie, NT. Darwin Aviation Museum noted Oct00 in 76 Sqn colours

A94-914 seen at Darwin Aviation Museum, Jan08 (Mark Richardson)

s/n Type Location
A94-915 CA-27-30 Narromine Air Musuem since .95, ex-Villawood, Sydney, No. 2 Supply Depot, 2 OCU colours.
A94-935 CA-27-31 Caloundra, Queensland Air Museum, by May94 as 'A94-955'

CA-27 Mk.32 A94-935 at Caloundra 2002 (Daniel Leahy).

s/n Type Location
A94-941 CA-27-31 Fishermans Bend, Aeronautical & Maritime Research Laboratories by Nov95, ex-CSIRO/ARL, Lorimer St.
A94-942 CA-27-31 Temora Aviation Museum, NSW, ex-gate guard at Defence Armament Depot, Orchid Hills, western Sydney by 2005, for possible restoration to flying condition.

CA-27 Mk.32 A94-942 being dismantled in at Kingswood in 2004 - it is now at Temora Aviation Museum.

s/n Type Location
A94-944 CA-27-32 RAAF Wagga Wagga, Technical Training School
A94-951 CA-27-32 RAAF Williamtown, Fighterworld Museum, 3 Sqn colours

A94-951 - a recent cockpit shot (Nathan Eustace)

s/n Type Location
A94-953 CA-27-32 Temora Aviation Museum, NSW, by 2005, ex-RAAF Wagga Wagga Technical Training School, noted Oct98, (at RAAF Forest Hill, noted 13Oct96 with yellow fin flash), ex-Wagga Wagga, Technical Training School
(A94-955?) CA-27- Moorabbin Aircraft Museum, tail only
A94-956 CA-27-32 Temora Aviation Museum, NSW, by 2005, for possible restoration to flying condition. ex-RAAF Wagga Wagga, Technical Training School, hangar 184, noted Oct98 (at RAAF Forest Hill, noted 13Oct96 with yellow fin flash)
A94-959 CA-27-32 Raymond Terrace, Bettles Park, Pacific Highway, arrived Aug81, noted Oct98

A94-959 on display at Raymond Terrace January 1985 (Mark Richardson)

s/n Type Location
A94-960 CA-27-32 RAAF Wagga Wagga, Technical Training School, noted Oct98 (at RAAF Forest Hill, noted 13Oct96 with red fin flash), ex-ex-Wagga Wagga, Technical Training School
A94-962 CA-27-32 RAAF Amberley, 12 sqn colours (?), noted in paint shop Jun98

A94-962 seen at Amberley February 2000 following restoration (Mark Richardson)

s/n Type Location
A94-970 CA-27-32 RAAF Point Cook under restoration to fly by 2001, ex-RAAF Richmond, noted Oct88, ex-RAAF Wagga Wagga (at RAAF 75th Anniversary Exhibition, Sydney 29-31Mar96) - back to Richmond by May96

A94-970 in the static display at the Bicentennial Airshow, RAAF Richmond NSW October 1988 (Mark Richardson)

s/n Type Location
A94-974 CA-27-32 Classic Jet Fighter Museum Parafield, South Australia by .96 in 3 Sqn colours, owned by Bob Jarrett, ex-RAAF Edinburgh, last noted at RAAF Edinburgh Open Day 17Mar96

A94-974 at Parafield.

s/n Type Location
A94-982 CA-27-32 RAAF Wagga Wagga, gate guard Oct98 (at Forest Hill, gate guard by 13Oct96), ex-Wagga Wagga gate guard

A94-982 at Wagga Wagga 2000

s/n Type Location
A94-983 CA-27-32 Temora Flying Museum, ex-RAAF Point Cook, ex-Richmond, RAAF Historic Flight, under restoration to fly as VH-PCM

A94-983 at Temora, July 2008 (Peter Pring-Shambler)

s/n Type Location
A94-989 CA-27-32 Moorabbin Aircraft Museum, composite, using parts of A94-906

CA-27 Mk.32 A94-989  at Moorabbin Aircraft Museum 2002 (Tom Meikle).


s/n Type Location
A94- CA-27- Adelaide, South Australia Aviation Museum, Mundy St.
A94- CA-27- Darwin, East Point Museum, cockpit only
A94- CA-27- Point Cook RAAF Museum, tail and cockpit sections only
A94- CA-27- Wagga Wagga base museum. This aircraft has positively been identified by Daniel Leahy as A94-909 (which is currently under restoration at Temora AM). Presumably the aircraft at Temora has the rear fuselage of -909 and the fwd fuselage of something else; anyone know the full story?

CA-27 cockpit at Wagga Wagga museum 29 July 2001 (Daniel Leahy).

s/n Type Location
383/ c/n 1492 CL-13B-6 Jandakot, arrived circa Nov08 ex-Ardmore, NZ, ex-Lanseria, South Africa (noted there 08Sep00, ex-Kempton Park Technical College, derelict by .04) - for rebuild for US owner?

Sabre 6
Sabre 6 383 whilst at Lanseria, South Africa.


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