F-86 & Fury Colours - USAF/ANG/USN/USMC

Navy QF-86H (left) in SEA colours (FS 30219, FS 34079 and FS 34102 uppers with FS 36622 undersides). Insignia red and insignia white trim. 37th FIS F-86D (right) has FS 34087 anti-dazzle panel and black radome. Note Arctic conspicuity wing tips in FS 31136 insignia red.

FS Number
Applicable to
Model colour
FS 15042 sea blue FJ-1 and FJ-2 overall to July 1955 Humbrol 15, Testor 1717
FS 16081 engine gray FJ-3 and FJ-4 missile control aircraft fuselage Testor 1791
FS 17038 matt black cockpit interiors 1947-53 including seat + instrument panels. FJ Fury anti-dazzle panels Humbrol 33, Testor 1749
FS 17875 insignia white F-86 insignias. FJ-3 and FJ-4 undersides July 1955 on. FJ Fury wheel wells 1955 on. Inner surfaces of FJ Fury landing gear doors from 1956. Humbrol 35, Testor 1745
FS 22246 international orange FJ-2 and FJ-3 'split' Navy reserve colour scheme to October 1958 (reddish orange - NOT a fluorescent colour). Slightly lighter than FS 12197, Testor 2022
FS 28913 fluorescent red orange F-86 test colours, high-visibility USAF, ANG and Navy. Arctic conspicuity markings. Navy reserve 'spilt' colour scheme. 1958-60. Tail fin of FJ-3 and FJ-4 missile control aircraft from August 1959. Humbrol 209, Testor 2041
FS 28915 fluorescent orange F-86 test colours, high-visibility USAF, ANG and Navy. Arctic conspicuity markings.March 1960 onwards Humbrol 193, Testor 1775
FS 30219 dark tan F-86H in SEA scheme Humbrol 63, Testor 1742
FS 31136 insignia red (USN bright red) F-86 walkways, insignias, turbine warning stripes. Arctic conspicuity markings 1947 to 1958. Wing bands and rudder of USN FJ-3 and FJ-4 missile control aircraft to 1959. FJ Fury speed brake interior. Humbrol 153, Testor 1705
FS 33538 insignia yellow (USN orange yellow F-86 insignias, F-86E-F Korean War stripes. Wings, tail fin and tail planes of Navy FJ-3 and FJ-4 missile control aircraft. (tail fin colour changed to FS 28913 August 1959) Humbrol 154, Testor 1708
FS 34079 dark green F-86H in SEA colour scheme Humbrol 116, Testor 1710
FS 34087 green F-86D/K/L anti-dazzle panel Humbrol 155 
FS 34102 medium green F-86H in SEA colour scheme Humbrol 117, Testor 1713
FS 34151 interior green F-86 wheel wells and speed brake well interior. Also some F-86 speed brake inner surfaces. FJ Fury wheel wells to 1955 Humbrol 158, Testor 1715
FS 35044 insignia blue F-86 insignias, some lettering Humbrol 189, Testor 1719
FS 36231 dark gull gray cockpit interiors 53 onwards. (instrument panels remain black) Humbrol 140, Testor 1740
FS 36440 light gull gray FJ-3 and 4 upper surfaces July 1955 on. Humbrol 129, Testor 1730
FS 36622 camouflage gray F-86H underside, SEA colours Humbrol 28, Testor 1733
- aluminized lacquer applied to F-86L undersurfaces late 50s to prevent corrosion from rocket firing. Also overall finish on some ADC, ANG F-86H and F-86L glossy greyish aluminium colour
- silver F-86 gun bays, undercarriage doors Humbrol 11, Testor 1781
- zinc chromate (primer) FJ Fury landing gear doors to 1956 Humbrol 81, Testor 1749
- pale gray F-86A & E fibreglass areas (intake, wing tips, wing trailing edge fillets, fin fillet) similar to ADC gray FS 16473, Humbrol 146, Testor 1731
- Corogard silver lacquer anti-erosion finish applied to FJ Fury leading edges Testor 1790


Cockpit Colours:

This has been the subject of much debate of late, but from photographic evidence, it looks that the change from all-black cockpits to black instrument panels with gray surrounds/seat was thus:

F-86A, F-86E, Canadair Sabre 1, 2, 3 and 4 - all delivered with black cockpits.

F-86F: Inglewood-built F-86Fs changed to black/gray in production circa 52-4500 (the 196th F-86F-30). As far as the Columbus-built examples go, they weren't all black/gray, but I think most were, and the change seems to have been around about 51-13400 (231st F-86F-25).

Canadair seems to have made the change about the same time as it began delivering camouflaged Sabre 5s - some time between s/n 23200 (natural metal with black cockpit) and 23400 (camouflage with black/gray cockpit).

All F-86Hs seem to have had the black/gray cockpit, including the prototypes.

F-86D: The change to gray/black cockpit was made in production around the first FY 51- examples.

F-86K: All were gray/black, including the prototypes.

CAC Sabres: All were delivered in gray/black, including the prototype.

FJ Fury: Gray/black cockpit introduced with first FJ-2.

Taken together, the change for NAA seems to have been made in production around the fall of 1952 (Inglewood) and around the beginning of 1953 (Columbus).

For Canadair it would be on the production line circa the beginning of 1954.




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