25th FIS in Taiwan

These photographs from Bud Norris show the 25th FIS's F-86D Sabre aircraft during the 1958-59 time frame. In that time the squadron deployed to Taiwan to cover the second Quemoy Crisis. 25th FIS was based at Chiayi during that period, having arrived from its home base at Naha AB on Okinawa on 10 October 1958. The squadron flew out of Taiwan on 4 November 1958. The last few photos were taken by Bud at Naha AB, Okinawa.

Note on Squadron Markings.

The basic colours for these 25th FIS Sabres comprises a black checked tail with red band above, red nose band trimmed in black and a red lightning flash with black 'shadow'. All other markings not mentioned in the text are standard F-86D colours. See my F-86 and FJ Fury Colours page for details.

Quarters in Taiwan were basic, but served for the squadron's month-long deployment.

Operations building and hangars at Chia Yi AB.

F-86D-36 serial 51-8256 carries numerous examples of nose art. It was photographed just prior to departure from Chia Yi AB in early November 1958. Names carried are 'ANNIE P' (in black) 'NAHA OR BUST' and 'GOMBEI' in what appears to be red script. The other text 'GO KAO-HSTUNG' appears to have been truncated by the replacement panel with 'ANNIE P' written on it. The panel just forward of that also appears to have been replaced, hence the gap in the nose stripe. Noteworthy also is the black forward section of the anti-dazzle panel.

This is the rudimentary mess hall at Tainan AB. These buildings would have been little changed from World War II.

Another F-86D-36 aircraft, 51-8302 is seen on return from a mission towards China. Canopy rail detail is shown above.

These 25th FIS pilots are awaiting transport back to Okinawa. Note the Republic of China AF SA-16 Albatross amphibian in the background.

The flybys above show at left a 4-ship passing above a RoCAF F-84G on Taiwan and at the right a 'maximum effort' 16-ship formation over Okinawa during January 1959.

Aircraft '048 was Maj 'Doc' Denman's personal mount. Detail of the canopy rail is shown above. Note that in the circa 1959 photo (left) the aircraft has 'sugar scoop' side intakes. This colour scheme was also worn prior to these being fitted.

Neat squadron '25' formation was flown in 1958 and this photo was used on that year's squadron Christmas card.

F-86Ds '048 (left) and ''302 (right) taxi at Naha, January 1959. '302 was squadron commander 'Doc' Denman's aircraft and wears three fuselage bands outlined in black. '048 was Maj Beatty's aircraft.

This line-up of 25th FIS aircraft (16th FIS behind) seems to have been taken just after the squadron received its aircraft back from overhaul at Clark AB (early in 1958). Note the modified 'sugar scoop' side intakes and lack of squadron markings.



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